33.8887° N, 112.2801° W


Lake Pleasant, conveniently located here in the Valley of the Sun off the Carefree Highway, is a great location for a wide variety of diving. It is home to catfish, carp, bluegill, bass, and a handful of other freshwater life. Popular dive sites include Beismeyer Point (AKA Christmas Tree Reef), Old Waddell Dam, Tech Island, Desert Tortoise, and Scorpion Bay. Water temperatures vary during the year. During the winter months a drysuit is optimal with surface temps in the mid 50's and down into the 40s at depth. Despite the cold winter temperatures the visibility can reach out to 40-60 feet. The summer months host water temperatures high enough to allow divers to skip a wetsuit all together. 

The depths can vary quite a bit, with a lower water level depths of 60-70 feet are difficult to reach without a boat, however with higher water levels, depths of 100+ foot are not uncommon. Dives from a boat can result in over 200+ foot depths, making for great technical diving.

Divers from around the region come to practice their skills in Lake Pleasant. Although boat diving is an option, most divers opt for shore diving for a more laid back experience and to also kick back and relax in between dives.

No matter what kind of diving it is you are looking for, we have you covered. Contact us today to schedule a fun day of diving!

35.4488° N, 114.6549° W


Conveniently still located in Arizona near Bullhead City, Lake Mohave is another gem in the desert. With a handful of wrecks and underwater parks including a school bus and buoyancy park, this reservoir on the Colorado River is a great location to visit. Temperatures can get chilly requiring thick wetsuits or drysuits in the winter, however the summertime divers may enjoy comfortably warm water wearing only a thin wetsuit. 

26.4622° N, 81.9494° W


Only a 7 hour drive south of here lies a gem on the Sea of Cortez. San Carlos has a plethora of dive sites to explore that are bountiful with wildlife. From Sea Horses to Sea Lions and turtles to hammerhead sharks, you'll thoroughly enjoy a few days of diving here.

During the winter months the water can become quite chilly and a dry suit would be a comfortable choice. In the summer, a simple rash guard and board shorts is all you need.

If depth is what you're looking for, look no further. Many dives sites here plunge down to great depths quickly, making San Carlos a fantastic destination for technical and rebreather divers. For those wishing to stay shallow, make sure to put an underwater camera on your list of items to bring, there will be more colorful life than you'll know what to do with. The shallow water also offer up some companionship from curious locals, Sea Lions love to come out and play with divers when they are not expecting it!

Other than offering clear water with an abundance of life below the surface, don't forget to explore the rest of the town. San Carlos has many different activities and also is home to some great food. Let us know when you're ready to plunge in and we will make sure to make your trip a memorable one!

32.8569° N, 117.2569° W


Only a 6 hour drive away, Southern California offers amazing diving all year round. Divers can enjoy diving through live aboard charters, day boats, or shore diving off from various locations including La Jolla Cove, La Jolla Shores, and Casino Point on Catalina. With endless options to get your gear wet, Southern California is a must. Underwater you'll see tons of life, including Sea Bass, Rays, Lobster, Crabs, Nudibranchs, and of course, Garibaldi swimming through the underwater jungle of Kelp. You'll also get a chance to seem so well known wrecks in the area including the HMCS Yukon and Ruby E.

Typically a 7mm wetsuit is required along with a hood and gloves although some prefer a drysuit.



Pay for the instructors travel expenses and $300/day for instruction and you can have your course taught anywhere in the world! For more information on this, please send us over an email and we’d be more than happy to discuss travel options!