Dive Arizona was established in 2011 by Amanda Krugen, an independent instructor that has taught diving all over the world. She started the business off with only a couple sets of gear and has grown the business with the help and friendship of Liz Robinson. 

About Us




Amanda tried her first experience in a neighbors pool in 2008. She was hooked. She soon moved to Costa Rica a few months later and then to Honduras. In Honduras she advance  to become a dive instructor. 

From there she moved to Jordan and fell in love with the world of Tech diving on the Red Sea. She has gone from double tanks to re-breathers. She is living the dream of owning her own scuba business.

Liz Robinson



Liz was influential to Amanda early on as one of her close friends. Her curiosity about some dive gear that was brought to the house quickly led to certification. In the coming months Liz gained experience both at the lake and in Southern California. 

She had fallen in love with the sport and decided only a couple of short years later that she wanted to become an instructor. As a current SDI and PADI instructor, she teaches a variety of courses and enjoys traveling to new exciting dive spots around the world.




Husband to Liz, Kyle was naturally dragged into the underwater world by his wife. Over the past several years he has been on many trips, aside from the local dive sits, he has visited Southern California, Mexico, Bonaire, and Grenada. He has furthered his education to become a divemaster for assisting underwater.